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Contract Workforce

Sharptail has developed a Contract Workforce group of more than 60 highly experienced QA/QC & Inspection professionals who we regularly place with Clients to perform fixed-term work. Examples of this work includes:

Embedded positions with Client integrity management teams:

  • Visual external assessments, visual internal assessments
  • PSV assessment
  • Piping walk-downs
  • Turnaround project support and tank inspections
  • These positions work a variety of shifts, anywhere from the Oilsands to the Conventional fields

QA/QC support embedded position:

  • Support client welding and fabricating teams with their daily welding quality needs
  • Coordinating NDE tasks and NDE contractors
  • Reviewing isometric and construction drawings and verifying codes
  • Verifying qualifications of welders used and that proper procedures are followed
  • Update Client’s management system to track quality documents and prepare handover packages when turnaround projects are completed